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The importance of ergonomic executive chair for health


For office workers, many people need to sit and work for long periods of time. However, because of their different forms, they also have different needs for office chairs. In order to let employees live in a healthy and warm office environment, the choice of office chairs is very important. So, today I will share with you the importance of choosing an ergonomic executive chair, let's take a look.

ergonomic executive chair

1. Because everyone's height is different, in order for the ergonomic executive chair to meet everyone's needs, it must have a height-adjustable function, because if the seat cushion is too high, the feet and legs will be suspended and congested, and then the legs and feet will be dangling. Numbness, and if the seat cushion is too low, the pressure on the thighs and buttocks will increase, so there will be discomfort such as lower limb fatigue. Therefore, when choosing an office chair, be sure to meet the ergonomic design.

2. The waist health of the human body is directly related to the cushion depth of the office chair, but this is often overlooked. If the cushion of the office chair is too short, it will cause the knee to hang in the air, which will increase the pressure between the thighs, so it will cause a lot of discomfort to the lower limbs. If the seat cushion of the office chair is too long, the back will not be able to contact the back of the office chair, which will increase the pressure on the back. In the long run, it will lead to lumbar muscle strain of the staff.

3. The headrest of the ergonomic executive chair is an important part to support the human head. Cervical spondylosis is the most troublesome occupational disease for office workers. Therefore, when choosing an ergonomic chair, you must choose a chair with a headrest, so that the staff can rest properly against the headrest, which can well protect the cervical spine of the staff, thereby reducing the fatigue of the staff. But these aspects are well considered when designing and manufacturing ergonomic chairs to meet the needs of workers and bring comfort.

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