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Ergonomic executive chair, which is based on the "ergonomic" theory, summarizes various data in the process of people using computer chairs; and based on ergonomic data combined with modern chair manufacturing technology, developed a correct human body. A computer work chair that can adjust the sitting position and comfort.

ergonomic executive chair

She can not only meet the needs of people to sit, but also enjoy the comfort and health in the process of "sitting", which is the "people-oriented" principle of industrial design. The design principles release nature, adjust human nature, and are suitable for a variety of body types; the materials are mainly environmentally friendly materials.

Ergonomic computer chair, also known as ergonomic chair and ergonomic office chair, is based on the theory of "ergonomics". The computer chair designed and developed.

Ordinary computer chairs can only satisfy people's "sit" function. As we pursue higher and higher life comfort, people are no longer satisfied with the existing computer chairs. In order to meet people's pursuit, designers We applied the theory of ergonomics to the practice of computer chairs, and finally designed and developed an ergonomic executive chair, which can not only meet the needs of people to sit, but also enjoy the comfort and health in the process of "sitting". This is the industry. The principle of "people-oriented" design.

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