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Product introduction of office chair mesh ergonomic


Product introduction of office chair mesh ergonomic:

office chair mesh ergonomic

(1) The back of the chair is the priority for choosing an office chair, and it is an important position to support the waist of the human body.

(2) Headrest configuration: When working on a computer for a long time, the neck needs a comfortable support, so the headrest configuration of the chair is a humanized design to relieve neck fatigue.

(3) The armrest can be adjusted: multi-function adjustment, lifting, rotating adjustment, different states of the hand can be adjusted according to the user's comfort to relieve the pressure on the shoulders.

As daily office furniture, office chair mesh ergonomic is used for a long time, and the parts are severely worn, and there may be a problem of loss. This situation is normal. While carrying out routine maintenance work, the office chair needs to be checked for safety. If there is a problem, you can contact the factory for repair. However, a common problem at work is deadlifting when carrying an office chair. Excessive use of the rollers of the office chair mesh ergonomic will eventually lead to quality problems in the office chair mesh ergonomic. Therefore, in order to maximize the lifespan of the office chair mesh ergonomic, rational use is important.

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