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Office chair mesh ergonomic should be cleaned and maintained regularly


There are many styles of office chair mesh ergonomic, and they are relatively free to use. As long as they are cleaned and maintained well, office chair mesh ergonomic can be as new for a long time.

office chair mesh ergonomic

Regular maintenance:

After buying the leather office chair mesh ergonomic, first use the maintenance wax to coat the office chair with a protective film to prevent dirt and sweat from immersing in the pores of the office chair, which will be difficult to clean in the future. Be careful not to scrub the leather office chair with water, it will take a long time. It will harden the leather and lose its soft feel.

If there are stains, it should be cleaned up in time:

Use maintenance wax to clean and maintain the office chair mesh ergonomic once a month. In summer, because people sweat a lot, it should be maintained once a week. Do not wait until the office chair is dirty before cleaning, it will be difficult to clean it as it is. , Furthermore, many detergents are harmful to the cortex. At that time, it was difficult to see when cleaning. After a long time, there will be problems. The real leather office chair, its cortex is very precious, only the leather office chair is well maintained. To last long as new.

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