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How to use office chair 150kg correctly


1. Do not adjust and rotate the office chair 150kg frequently

When sitting on an office chair of 150kg, many people like to move around, or go up and down repeatedly, which will easily cause uneven pressure on the air pressure rod. Over time, the air pressure rod will wear out due to the uneven force, resulting in a potential explosion hazard. . Don't sit on the edge of the front end of the chair frequently, so as not to damage the chair from twisting force.

office chair 150kg

2. Do not disassemble the office chair 150kg at will

Some people think that the 150kg office chair is filled with gas and it is dangerous, so they disassemble it and release the gas. Don't follow the tutorial of self-disassembling office chair 150kg for deflation that appeared on the Internet, so as to avoid danger. If repairs are required, seek professional help.

3. The office lift swivel chair should be kept away from heat sources, and should not be close to too hot things.

4. Don't sit on the office chair 150kg too hard, and don't adjust the lift handle of the office chair 150kg frequently.

5. Regular inspection and maintenance of office chair 150kg

If you find that the adjustment is not smooth or there are other abnormalities, it is recommended to suspend use. Check your chair every once in a while. If the 150kg office chair is cracked, loose or shaken, it must be repaired and replaced in time to avoid tragedy.

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