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What safety tests do office chair mesh ergonomic need to do


The quality of the office chair mesh ergonomic directly determines the practicality and its longevity and safety. Therefore, the office chairs will be tested on the chassis, casters, backrests, armrests, and chair legs of the office chairs before leaving the factory. So to ensure that the quality meets the specifications, which parts of the office chair must be tested?

office chair mesh ergonomic

1. Chassis test

Office furniture office chair mesh ergonomic fatigue test: The office chair chassis is tilted back and the durability testing machine is used for the five-claw compression vertical pressure test of the office chair. The set force value, the test cycle, and the repeated loading pressure are used as the fatigue test.

2. Caster life test

The office chair mesh ergonomic caster life test is mainly driven by a clamping fixture with a motor and a synchronous belt to make the office chair or chair frame move back and forth back and forth to evaluate the wear life of the casters.

Assess the ability of the casters and frame to withstand the fatigue stress and wear caused by the chair moving back and forth. The seat surface is placed with a load (113 kg), and the office chair caster life test machine is suitable for all office chairs with casters or chair wheels.

3. Chair back test

First, fix the casters of the office chair, and use the office chair backrest testing machine to test the certain strength, speed and regulation of the chair backrest for the backrest action, which is used for the durability of the chair back frame and the tilt mechanism. Assess the quality of the product based on wear and tear.

4. Armrest and chair foot test

Test the ability of the armrest structure of the chair to withstand vertical pressure and repeated load pressure. The comprehensive testing machine for the armrest and leg of the office chair simulates the use of the office chair mesh ergonomic. In addition to the armrest test, it can also be used for the strength test of the chair leg and the durability of the footrest test. This load can be thought of as the force generated by using the armrest as support when leaving the seat.

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