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What kind of office chair mesh ergonomic is considered high quality


Whether they are students or working people, many young people have the habit of sitting and playing for a long time and paying close attention. Over time, problems such as vision loss, muscle pain, joint and cervical pain occur frequently. So, how do ergonomic chair manufacturers choose a comfortable and safe office chair mesh ergonomic, and what issues should be paid attention to when choosing?

office chair mesh ergonomic

1. Safety

Safety is the number one factor that must be considered when purchasing a qualified office chair mesh ergonomic. Do not buy chairs that are rickety, have sharp angles, and have rough surfaces, so that students will not be bumped or scratched. The safety of the chair can be distinguished by its treatment of structure and details. A good chair uses smooth and smooth line craftsmanship, delicate surface treatment, clever switch design, and reliable steel pipe as support.

2. The materials should be environmentally friendly and exquisite

When choosing an office chair mesh ergonomic, new materials with no odor, high purity and transparency should be selected. A good ergonomic chair uses a new skin-friendly material, which is safe, non-toxic, clean and environmentally friendly. Usually the color of the panel is relatively dull, and the variegated materials are inferior materials that have been used many times, and are often marked with toxic elements, which are harmful to the human body. The steel pipe should choose the supporting member with qualified support strength and meticulous surface treatment as the steel pipe skeleton. The ergonomic chair with fine workmanship, the surface is treated with deep pickling, multi-layer electrostatic uniform spraying/electroplating to remove rust, the wall surface is smooth and uniform, the color is consistent, not easy to age, and rust-proof.

3. Humanized design

A good office chair mesh ergonomic also has the characteristics of ergonomic design. Stiff and impersonal chair backs can easily cause physical and mental fatigue and muscle soreness to students. Poor sitting posture also affects the cervical spine and vision. Therefore, we need to choose a chair back design that conforms to the curve of the human spine, so that the user can lift his head and chest up as long as he leans on the back of the chair, which helps the body to stretch upwards.

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