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Three points for purchasing quality ergonomic executive chair


As we all know, sitting for a long time has become the biggest killer of white-collar health in the workplace. Especially for those who have been sitting in the office all the year round, symptoms such as backache, leg numbness, neck and shoulder pain have appeared before the age of 30, all of which are caused by the harm caused by prolonged sitting! At this time, the quality ergonomic executive chair can bring you great help. So how to choose this kind of chair? Let's take a look together.

quality ergonomic executive chair

Point 1: The waist has support

The human spine is double S-shaped. The head, thorax, lumbar, and sacrum are not in a straight line, but in an S-shaped curved shape. When we sit up straight or even bow our heads for a long time, the lumbar spine will become straight or even bulge due to the lack of support in the waist. In the long run, the pressure has been concentrated in the lumbar region, which will lead to backache and low back pain, and even lumbar disc herniation.

Point 2: Cushion Support and Breathability

When we sit down, about 80% of the force will be concentrated on the caudal vertebra and buttocks. Therefore, for comfort, we must increase the force area of ​​the buttocks, legs, and seat cushions. Therefore, the so-called "saddle-type" seat cushion is a better choice. .

Point 3: Backrest support and wrapping

When we sit on the quality ergonomic executive chair, we will naturally lean on the back of the ergonomic chair. The backrest of a good engineering chair will be designed into an S shape to perfectly fit the entire back, so that the entire back can feel a sense of support, and the entire back will distribute the weight of the body, so that it will be comfortable to lean on.

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