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Things to pay attention to when cleaning office chair mesh ergonomic


When choosing an office chair mesh ergonomic, special attention will be paid to the surface condition, which is a problem that we need to pay special attention to when cleaning.

office chair mesh ergonomic

1. The fabric of the office chair mesh ergonomic is leather or PU leather: usually leather has good moisturizing and ventilation functions, and is usually used for high-end sofas and conference chairs. Its characteristics are that it is not easy to fade after dyeing, the color is elegant, the hand feeling is excellent, and the appearance is beautiful. Therefore, in general maintenance, you only need to gently wipe the leather surface with a clean soft cloth, or you can wipe it with a neutral cleaning solution, but do not rub hard, so as not to damage the leather surface and lead to durability. If the maintenance is dirt caused by long-term use, the ideal cleaning method is to first dilute a small amount of neutral detergent with warm water to wipe, then wipe the cleaning solution with a wrung clean cloth, then polish with a dry cloth, and then use an appropriate amount of leather conditioner Wipe evenly until the surface is shiny and new.

2. The fabric of the office chair mesh ergonomic is fabric: fabric is a form of expression of various furniture, usually used for various types of chairs and sofas. It is characterized by comfort, rich colors and varied textures. Pay attention to maintenance. Common method: If there is dust, sand or particles, then use a vacuum cleaner to gently brush along the texture of the fabric, but do not use a bristle brush to avoid damaging the textile. It can be dissolved in warm water with a neutral detergent and then absorbent with a clean soft cloth, but carefully read the dosage instructions when using the detergent.

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