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1. Comfortable headrest

Most of the original office chair mesh ergonomics do not have headrests, and people are accustomed to not relying on headrests when working, because they think it is unnecessary. In fact, in order to reduce the incidence of diseases in the neck, when working, we still need to pay attention to the position of the neck and maintain a comfortable posture. Choosing the right headrest is also to reduce your fatigue.

office chair mesh ergonomic

2. Choose the front-end waterfall shape of the seat cushion

The front-end waterfall shape is to avoid the right angle to the thigh root nerve, the blood flow will cause compression, resulting in foot pain or even numbness. Therefore, another assessment point of the office chair mesh ergonomic is whether the front end of the seat cushion has a waterfall-like arc, so that the thighs are in a natural relaxed state. Here, it is appropriate that the base of the thigh and the seat cushion are separated by a palm height.

3. Select S (fit spine) shape for the back of the chair

Satisfying the standard sitting posture requires at least one seat back to support the waist. The spine of a normal person has 3 physiological curvatures. They are not in a straight line. The cervical and lumbar vertebrae are convex forward, and the thoracic vertebrae are convex backward. Therefore, if you want to meet comfort in a standard sitting position, the office chair mesh ergonomic chair back must be at least 3 support points. The waist part needs support, but everyone's height is different, so it is necessary to be able to adjust.

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