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Office chair 150kg purchase should pay attention to these four points


1. The depth of office chair 150kg

Office chair 150kg is generally used for more formal occasions, which respect basic etiquette, so the sitting posture should be correct, and the chair depth should not be too deep, because too deep sitting posture is easy to relax, in this case it is impossible to maintain a long-term correct sitting posture, Therefore, it is shallow to meet the needs of office chair 150kg sub-depth.

2. Office chair 150kg foot height

The person who uses the office chair 150kg must have high and low height. If an office chair with a uniform leg height of 150kg is used, it is easy to cause discomfort to the user. Uncomfortable and never reduces productivity. Therefore, the legs of the office chair 150kg are generally designed to be adjustable in height, which basically meets the needs of users of all heights.

office chair 150kg

3. Height of armrest of office chair 150kg

Generally speaking, in a seat, many people will get used to having their hands on the armrests. If they are used to putting their hands on the armrests, they might as well choose an office chair 150kg with lower armrests or even no armrests. If you like to put your hands on the armrests or tuck the whole person in the middle of the office chair 150kg, choose a chair with a higher armrest.

4.The height of the office chair 150kg back

In the absence of armrests and backrests, you can choose a chair without armrests and a backrest, or a chair with low armrests and a low backrest. If it is a casual occasion, you can choose an office chair with a high backrest of 150kg, you can focus on the backrest, and the backrest height can be close to the middle of the neck or head.

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