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Matters needing attention when choosing office chair 150kg from China


From the user's point of view, the selection of office chair 150kg from China must first have a certain practical value. For example, in different office environments, the suitable office chair 150kg from China sub-types are different. For example, e-commerce companies and game companies choose different types of office chairs. For game companies, the types of chairs tend to consider human mechanics; while for e-commerce companies, they tend to consider the ease of movement. So, as an office chair 150kg from China, what should you pay attention to when choosing it?

office chair 150kg from China

1. Pillow

Many modern office chairs 150kg from China are equipped with multifunctional needs, especially the ration of pillows. For people who often work overtime, a chair with pillows is very important. Because during the lunch break, it can give maximum convenience.

2. Backrest

The backrest of the office chair 150kg from China is not suitable for a straight back, the correct one should be the one with a curvature, which can well serve the purpose of supporting the back of the human body. And the curved backrest can actually reduce the feeling of fatigue caused by prolonged sitting.

3. Armrest

Under normal circumstances, you will think that the armrest is a decoration, but in fact, whether the comfort of the decoration is suitable is also very important. The function of the handrail can be displayed when it is used for rest after work and leisure. However, some armrests can be adjusted in functions such as lifting, while some armrests cannot achieve this purpose.

4. Air pressure rod

The more important thing is the quality, because there have been many safety accidents in the past on this seemingly inconspicuous air bar. A good quality air bar will not cause possible accidents to safety while reaching an adjustable height. However, the air rods of poor quality are more prone to many explosion accidents. But at the same time, for the office chair 150kg from China, the existence of this air pressure rod is necessary. Because the quality of the air pressure rod can determine whether the seat can be raised or lowered to the greatest extent.

5. Cushion

In the past, many seats were made of artificial leather and sponge pads. Although they were soft and comfortable, they were more stuffy. Now, most of them are made of mesh, which is more breathable.

In the selection of office chair 150kg from China, the above factors need to be taken seriously, which are directly related to the comfort and safety of the chair. At the same time, the choice of an office chair must be combined with the characteristics of the office environment so that the function can be clearly distinguished.

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