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How to choose a healthy office chair 150kg


For a healthy office chair of 150kg, the lumbar support must be able to adjust the height, mainly for different people, and the lumbar support can be placed in an appropriate position to avoid fatigue to the greatest extent. The normal human spine has three physiological curvatures. Due to physiological needs, they will not grow in a straight line, the thoracic spine is kyphotic, and the cervical and lumbar spine are bulging forward. Viewed from the side, the spine is like the connection of two S's. Due to this physiological feature, the waist and back cannot be placed on the same plane. Therefore, when sitting in an office chair weighing 150 kg, if a cushion is placed on the waist, it can effectively support the waist, maintain the physiology of lumbar flexion, balance the pressure on the lumbar spine and lumbar muscles, reduce strain, increase comfort, prevent and improve lumbar discomfort, and help stabilize the spine .

office chair 150kg

When purchasing, adjust the office chair 150kg to the height and angle that suits you best, lean your waist in a position that suits you, and sit quietly for a few minutes or ten minutes. If you can maintain the posture and not slide forward, and the waist will not feel uncomfortable, then this chair is suitable for you, and it is a healthy office chair 150kg for you.

A healthy office chair 150kg can bring you a relaxed working feeling. If you are sedentary and you experience back pain, then this office chair 150kg is not for you. Healthy work begins with the choice of the most commonly used office chair 150kg.

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