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How to choose a healthy office chair 150kg


1. The height of the office chair 150kg seat cushion determines the comfort of the legs

2. The depth of the 150kg seat cushion of the office chair determines the pressure of the lower limbs and the health of the lumbar spine

3. The height of the office chair 150kg lumbar pillow determines the health of the lumbar spine

office chair 150kg

Many chairs have a large lumbar support, but it doesn't feel like sitting up at all. The lumbar support can be regarded as a high-tech part of the entire chair, and there must be a complex mechanical mechanism connected to the entire chair. The most real test is to sit on your own, regardless of the various postures, to check whether the back of the chair can completely wrap and support the back.

4. The 150kg reclining function of office chair determines the efficiency of office and rest

Different people have different weights, and the required backrest tilt strength is actually different. The reclining strength of ordinary chairs is fixed, so it will feel uncomfortable after sitting for a long time. An ergonomic chair like the one mentioned below allows you to finely adjust the reclining force manually, allowing everyone to find the right amount of force for their body weight.

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