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How to choose a ergonomic executive chair, do you understand?


Style: Consistent with your hobbies

From the base, there are round chassis type and pentagonal runner type, etc.; looking at the back of the chair, there are swivel chairs with high back, low back and no back; the armrests of various ergonomic executive chairs are also different, and the solid mahogany is noble and elegant. While the steel swivel armchair is even more chic, with plenty of pure white and smooth surfaces, it is very modern and avant-garde.

ergonomic executive chair

Color: look comfortable

Common ones are red, blue, and orange. Red swivel chairs should be avoided in the bedroom or study to avoid being too active. Orange produces vitality. This color ergonomic executive chair is suitable for entertainment rooms, but not suitable for bedrooms and study rooms. Blue gives a sense of tranquility.

Function: Choose from space usage

High-back swivel chair, very suitable for home people, can convey a casual and relaxed home atmosphere; streamlined shape, strong color contrast, strong visual aesthetic swivel chair, very suitable for single nobles or family study, studio; strong personal style The leisure ergonomic executive chair is suitable for placing in the corner of the living room or balcony.

Quality: All-round inspection

First, you need to sit and try it yourself to feel the comfort of the ergonomic executive chair; then drag it for a distance on the ground, the runner of a good swivel chair is relatively stable and will not slip; then press the seat surface with your hand to check, The elasticity of the cotton surface is good, indicating that the quality is good. If it is pressed down for a long time and cannot bounce up, it indicates that there is a problem with the quality of the inside. Finally, check whether the quality of the air pressure pad is reliable.

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