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Ergonomic executive chair for sedentary people


In modern life, most of the day is spent in chairs. In the early years, I used my youth and didn't care how long I sat. Even if I felt uncomfortable, I stood up and rubbed my shoulders and twisted my waist, and then continued to work hard. Over time, problems such as lumbar intervertebral discs appeared. Therefore, it is best to take preventive measures in advance and choose some more effective products to avoid lumbar spine problems, such as ergonomic executive chairs.

ergonomic executive chair

The rationally designed ergonomic executive chair back can help the movement of the lumbar and abdominal muscles through the characteristics of automatic rebound and dynamic horizontal support, and through the mechanical assistance method similar to the exoskeleton, it can bring in energy to help the lumbar muscle movement, and at the same time accelerate the venous return, It can take away metabolites such as lactic acid and help relieve fatigue and lumbar muscle strain.

The support point of the seat back, that is, the support point on the sagittal plane of the spine, should fall near the ilio-sacral joint (basically the position of our waist belt and the lower edge of the waist belt), which is the lower starting point of the range of motion of the spine in sitting posture, The support here maintains the biomechanical balance of the entire spine from the bottom. If the support point is above the middle of the lumbar spine (L3), the horizontal support force, upper body weight, and spine bearing capacity will be in a dynamic confrontation state for a long time.

Therefore, when we choose a chair, we can find an ergonomic executive chair on the market, because it can better fit the human body, unlike the type of chair that cannot be changed due to personal needs, so in contemporary society, ergonomic Chairs are suitable for all people who do office work.

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